Tool & Die Solutions

Right Tool is a tool & die build-source for the sheet metal stamping industry. We’ve been in continuous service since 1943 and provide tool & die solutions that include design, simulation, build, tryout and repair services.

Right Tool provides solutions and services to meet the needs of OEM’s and first, & second tier manufacturers. Examples of our customers include GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Whirlpool, Lear Corporation and Harley Davidson.

Professional Tool & Die Job Shop

Our growth and longevity has been fueled by our professional commitment to quality engineering and build services. Each project and each customer is managed and serviced by an experienced and professional team of project managers, engineers, and die makers. Our goal: meet your production, budgetary and delivery requirements by producing the finest, most reliable tools for you.


Tool & Die Capabilities

  • "State of the art simulation, design, build, and tryout of sheet metal stamping dies.
  • 2 or 3 axis transfer and line dies up to 1000 tons.
  • Progressive dies up to 72"x144" with tonnages up to 1000 tons.
  • 50 dedicated and highly skilled employees operating two shifts.
  • We perform engineering changes as well as die repair and high speed machining.


Located Close to You!

...ready to handle all your sheet metal die requirements. Call us at 419.726.2611 or fax us at 419.726.1569 for a quote. Put our years of experience to work for you. Right Tool & Die the stamp of success.