Quality Process Standards
Every die maker must invest in rigorous quality control procedures and equipment. In that regard, Right Tool & Die is no different than our competition. Yet we take QC one step further.

Quality control begins in our CAD/CAM department, where our specialists study every part design to optimize the end product for its production requirements. We also prepare capability studies or work with prototype shops to test prospective parts so customers can be assured the final stamping will actually perform as expected. During manufacture, parts are continually checked by our die makers and our QC department. Once the die is completed, our die technicians will work with the customer on-site to set up and adjust the die to meet all manufacturing requirements and processing procedures.

Stand Out From the Crowd
Where we "stand out from the crowd" is in our try-out department. We have seven presses with capabilities up to 1000 tons. Utilizing our presses and material handling capabilities, we tryout each and every tool to ensure it’s capability in a productive environment. After operation testing, sample parts are meticulously evaluated on our quality control lab's Coordinate Measuring Machine. This further assures that all production and specification requirements will be met when the die is completed and shipped. The real benefit is that you too will “stand out from the crowd” with your customer.